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Elizabeth II and the House of Windsor

What is it like to have a private audience with the Queen? To take tea or go on tour with her? To stay in one of her homes? What principles guided her as she chose Britain's Prime Ministers in 1957 and 1963? What has been her role in crises like Suez, the Three Day Week and the dismissal of Australia's Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam? How does she feel about her sister? Her husband? Who are her friends?

Majesty is the worldwide best-selling biography of Queen Elizabeth II, one of the most prominent yet also one of the least known personalities in the world. Majesty is also the portrait of an institution - monarchy - which it is fashionable to ignore but which thrives in constitutional form, as healthily as ever. A fascinating and fitting tribute to Queen Elizabeth II's quarter of a century on the throne.

1977 - Random House ISBN:0091287707

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