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Grace Kelly

Movie legend, princess, tragic heroine. The moment Grace Kelly stepped into the spotlight in 1950, the world was entranced.

In this definitive biography of Hollywood’s sweetheart, Robert Lacey looks behind the fairytale facade to reveal the real story of Princess Grace of Monaco, as she became.

Gaining unprecedented access to her family and friends, he tells the story of a complex and conflicted woman determined to live her dream.

Gulf Charities book cover

Click here for the publisher’s brief as a download.

9/11 gave birth to many conspiracy theories - among them the suspicion that Islamic charities were knowing and willing vehicles for Islamic terrorism. Robert Lacey examines this accusation with his co-editor Jonathan Benthall, a leading analyst of Islamic philanthropy, and a host of international academics and experts - the proceedings of a conference at Kings College, Cambridge, convened by the Gulf Research Council in the summer of 2012.

Available from any academic bookshop worldwide or from the publisher directly - all contact details on the publisher's brief

The cover of The Queen: A Life In Brief

Today sees the American release of The Queen: A Life In Brief. Published by Harper Perennial (ISBN: 978-0062124463) and available to order from

The Browser magazine has today published an interview under the heading - "As the Diamond Jubilee approaches, royal biographer Robert Lacey considers the legacy of Queen Elizabeth II, her family history, and her ambivalent relationship with Princess Diana" - worth a read I feel.

Inside the Kingdom - pb jkt.jpg

Here's the paperback edition of "Inside the Kingdom", hot off the press -- with a great review from the Guardian/Observer: And from the Times Literary Supplement:

“Lacey’s lively, anecdotal account, based in large part on conversations with Saudi men and women, some reformed extremists, some from the royal household, others academics, journalists and business people seeking a more pragmatic way ahead, explains without being either hypercritical or over-defensive how dangerously Saudi Arabia is beset from within and without.


The New book to accompany the 2010 film Arabia 3D

Michael Hamilton Morgan (Author), Greg MacGillivray (Introduction), His Royal Highness Prince Turki Al-Faisal (Afterword), Robert Lacey (Foreword)

Sheltered between the cradle of civilization and the busiest trade routes of the ancient world, the Arabian Peninsula is home to millennia-old civilizations that have blossomed and thrived in some of the world's harshest conditions.

I am proud to announce that today Whole Story Audio Books have published Inside the Kingdom -Kings, Clerics, Modernists, Terrorists and the Struggle for Saudi Arabia, on CD as an audio book. On 14 CD’s and at over 16 hours of audio I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy Andrew Wincott’s reading of the unabridged work. - I've agonised over every sentence. Why should you be deprived of a single word? - For a little more information on this title please visit the Whole Story website.

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