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Prince William

Prince William and his wife Katherine.

"When Prince William and Kate's official announcement that she is pregnant came Monday, the palace said she was "expecting a baby."

But in light of the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge is also suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, a form of acute morning sickness, there has been growing speculation that she may, in fact, be expecting twins. "

So say Simon Perry and Dimi Gaidatzi in this weeks People Magazine.

Heir to the throne?

"Robert Lacey on the constitutional wrinkle that may explain why Kate is not pregnant yet – and might delay her baby for another two years or more"

Might the reason lie in New Zealand, where an obscure committee of lawyers and civil servants is currently rewriting the laws of succession to the British throne...

Read my piece in today's Daily Beast posting.

What were my favorite memories of the day? Well, there was the double balcony kiss, for a start:

And then there was the cartwheeling verger:

Royal Wedding

29 Apr 2011
Robert on BBC America

Quoting from "Royal wedding: Media prepares for enormous TV audience" in today's Guardian Newspaper by Karen McVeigh.

Estimated 8,500 journalists in London for event, including some big names from major US networks

British historian Robert Lacey, who will be in prime position in front of the abbey, said he had been working for ABC for at least six weeks. "Until last week, Americans were crazier than we were. They've asked me to do a lot of the historical stuff about the abbey, poets' corner, how the transepts work.

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