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Publishers Weekly Review - The Queen: A Life In Brief

Publishers Weekly's review of royal historian Robert Lacey's latest book, The Queen: A Life In Brief.

'Veteran royal historian Lacey bases this slim volume—the latest in a slew of books marking Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee—on his acclaimed bestsellers Majesty and Monarch.'

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Original published date: Mon, 03/26/2012

Taking The Ropes in William's Absence

Kate Middleton is making her first solo appearances whilst Prince William is away serving with the RAF, including visiting a children's hospital and opening a Lucian Freud exhibition in London.

With William's absence, it seems that the Queen has taken Kate under her wing.  "The Queen has given more thought to mentorship," says Robert Lacey, author of the upcoming book The Queen: A Life in Brief. "She has a lot invested in this couple. She thinks Kate's her girl."