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The Royal Couple

Today sees the third and last of the Daily Mail's serialisation of my new book A brief life of the Queen under the title;

"The Queen, a Spice Girl and a cheeky parlour game at Balmoral: An intriguing peek behind the curtains at 60 years of royal family life"

A brief life of the Queen is available from our page.


Today’s Daily Mail carries the second instalment of their adaptation of my new book “A Brief Life of the Queen” under the headline of;

“Changing greasy tyres, knitting socks and the making of a very modest Monarch"
"In this major series on the Queen, an eminent royal author reassesses her formative years and reveals how a singular lack of ego became the secret of her greatness”


Serialised in today’s Daily Mail Newspaper excerpts from my new book on Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth – A brief life of the Queen.

Update Jan 28 2012 - 14:13 Video content has been added to the A brief life of the Queen website

“The truth about Diana and The Queen: How monarch was Princess's greatest supporter... until THAT Martin Bashir documentary”

A brief life of the Queen is available from and for pre-order from

The Times of London

Many thanks for all the kind Birthday wishes. The Times was kind enough to publish a few words; 'The author Robert Lacey says he loves birthdays: "I seek no consolation for getting older, what can I do about it except try to keep fit?" Next month "my third and by far the smallest book on the Queen will be published." His 1977 book Majesty was a doorstopper. He says "Books on the Royal Family have become too long.

Here is the text in full of the Queen's 2011 Christmas message, which was recorded by the BBC on 9 December - before her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, was treated in hospital for a blocked coronary artery.

"In this past year my family and I have been inspired by the courage and hope we have seen in so many ways in Britain, in the Commonwealth and around the world.

What were my favorite memories of the day? Well, there was the double balcony kiss, for a start:

And then there was the cartwheeling verger:

Royal Wedding

29 Apr 2011
Robert on BBC America

Quoting from "Royal wedding: Media prepares for enormous TV audience" in today's Guardian Newspaper by Karen McVeigh.

Estimated 8,500 journalists in London for event, including some big names from major US networks

British historian Robert Lacey, who will be in prime position in front of the abbey, said he had been working for ABC for at least six weeks. "Until last week, Americans were crazier than we were. They've asked me to do a lot of the historical stuff about the abbey, poets' corner, how the transepts work.


On the morning of the Royal Wedding I’ll be joining Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer who will anchor America’s ABC television’s coverage of the wedding.

ABC World News will be broadcast from London Wednesday, April 27th to Friday April 29th, and Cynthia McFadden will host Nightline from London all that week. Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts, will also be broadcasting from London all week.

Flag of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Demonstrations of any type, political or otherwise are rare in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – bear in mind this is a country with no legal political parties or popular mass movements. "There is no history of public protests, even in support of the government," said Jaafar al-Shayeb, a city councilor and businessman in al-Qatif – quoted this week in the Guardian Newspaper.

Broadcast on the BBC World Service’s Newshour on Friday March 11th 2011, I was in discussion with the BBC’s Claire Balderson and Paul Wood in Riyadh, talking about the Saudi "Day of Rage".

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